Tips For Those Looking To Buy Shaved Ice Machine

Have you decided to invest in a snow cone machine to start making more money at your place of business? You may own a company that provides coffee, soft drinks, pastries, but you do not have a snow cone machine yet. If you don’t, there are a few things you need to consider before you invest in one. They can be very profitable, but only if use the right way. It also depends on where you live, the size of the city you are in, and a type of traffic that you get to your place of business. Here are a few tips for those that are looking to buy snow cone machines so that you can become profitable with this investment. Also think about the different kinds of shaved ice flavors you could provide your customers.

Consider The Legalities Of Owning One

Although business owners that have an established restaurant or business where food is already served will not have any problems getting one, if you are going to get one for the purpose of selling snow cones on a street corner, you need to consider the legalities. You need to contact City Hall, health department officials, and also find out how much tax you will have to pay. Once that is out of the way, you can start to look at the different ones that are available. Let’s just focus on getting one for an established place of business.

Snow Cone Machines Versus Shaved Ice Machines

Before you buy one, you should know the difference between machines that can produce no cones and those that produce shaved ice. Each one of these is a little bit different. A shaved ice machine is going to create larger pieces of ice that are going to last much longer. You have probably seen people carrying a cup with them with the ice and different flavorings. It snow cone machine is going to make the ice much finer, similar to how you would pack a snowball from snow that has fallen onto the ground. These are placed in cones, although they can also replace the comps, and they are going to melt much more quickly. Keep that in mind as you are deciding on place of business.

What Are Snow Cone Machines Made Of?

These are made of standard materials such as polyethylene for the frame, intermixed with stainless steel. They are designed to be sturdy, and easy to clean, plus using them should be straightforward. They are simply using ice blocks to create the snow that will be placed in the cones that you will sell. There will always be an instruction manual, and the one that you want to get is one that will produce no cones at an accelerated rate of speed. The sharper the blade, and the more powerful the motor, the faster you will be able to produce them. Look for reviews on the different snow cone machines that are being sold, and if you want the very best, just remember you are going to pay for what you get.

How Do Snow Cone Machines Operate?

A snow cone machine typically produces the snow, sometimes at a rate of 500 pounds of ice per hour. It literally creates snow for you which is then placed in a cone or a cup and sugary flavored syrups are added to the ice. You are going to need different supplies which will include the snow cone cops, premium syrups, spoons, straws, and replacement blades. All of this is necessary for you to shave the ice as quickly as possible in order to create the snow cones.

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The larger the machine, the more it will be able to produce. If you have a business that has a large amount of traffic, you will want to get the larger one. Look at the different manufacturers, compare prices, and look at reviews if you can find them. You want to make sure that your investment will pay for itself in the next few years, and that may mean paying a little bit extra for one of the top models that can produce no cones very quickly. Start researching today and you will find a snow cone machine that will not only be affordable, but will help you keep up with the production from all of your patrons that will purchase snow cones from you during the summer.